Discounting checks through the colors of money with the approval of the Ministry of Finance in Israel

Easily Reloadable
Debit Card

בסניף תוכלו לרכוש כרטיס UpayCard מבית ויזה הנטען בשקל ישראלי.
The card is Debit
(Immediate debit without credit)
And without the need for a bank account!

Safe, reliable and available 24/7

Transfer of money abroad through money colors


  • פריסה לתשלומים
  • Exemption from paid conversion fees in Dollar/Euro cards
  • Controlling my spending
  • Card for customers who do not have a credit card and cannot shop online
  • Shekel card for nonresidents / temporary residents
  • Remote blocking option at any time

App and Website Service

Debit card usage is common in many countries around the world.

Allows payment for various services and products all around the world, and on various online sales sites.

A safe and affordable alternative to checkbooks and cash.

Allows Safely usage when traveling abroad, without fear of pickpockets or losing a wallet full of cash.

Allows easy management of current expenses and transactions without any problem, as long as there is enough balance on the card.

Transactions are charged immediately and not at the end of the month like a regular credit card.

Simple and Convenient Card Reloading

Card reloading is simple and can be done in one of two ways: - Cash depositing at one of the authorized points. - EFT.

- Read more about the reloaded card -

Who is the card for?

You can perform a variety of actions in the personal area of the app and website, such as: - Check the balance on the card - Receive a transactions’ distribution divided into different sectors - Transfer money to another debit card of Plus Card - Recover the secret code - Receive benefits and find loading points - Freeze a card in cases of theft, loss and the like - Anyone looking for an international card which is suitable for any business, website, and ATM around the world - Those who want a card which can be easily and quickly loaded - Anyone interested in a fully controllable card using an advanced app - Who does not have a bank account - Who wants a positive bank balance

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