Discounting checks through the colors of money with the approval of the Ministry of Finance in Israel

The bank doesn’t get you? You got a post-dated check from a customer? You want to get your money in cash? Immediately and ahead of time?


For your information, check discounting is a tax-deductible expense!

Discounting checks through silver colors

What is check discounting?

This service allows you to get your money immediately and before the check's date of payment. The service will let you get your money instantly and in cash, in a check or in a wire transfer to your account. You can use the service even if it's a post-dated check whose payment date is a net+X. The service is for everyone and is a common and known solution in the Israeli economy, from individual people to small and medium businesses.

The service is fast and convenient

Without having to go to the bank and without unnecessary bureaucracy, while maintaining the business image with the bank.

What is Your Profit?

The service gives you more stability and the opportunity to instantly improve your cash flow, using significantly lower interest rates than other financing channels in the market.

Personal Guidance and Professional Advice

Our experts are here to listen, to advise and understand your needs, and to provide you with a professional service for you.

The Service is Supervised and Secure

Today, hundreds of thousands of businesses in Israel use discount checks every year.
The service is performed under the Supervision of Financial Service Providers Law.

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