Discounting checks through the colors of money with the approval of the Ministry of Finance in Israel

Financial Solutions

Conversion of local Israeli money to foreign funds

Currency Conversion Machines

You can convert 13 different foreign currencies using our machines spread across Eilat and Tel Aviv.
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Issue and Load Card

Here you can purchase an UpayCard card from the Visa Visa. The card operates with a debit method (instant debit without credit) and no bank account needed! Safe, reliable and available 24/7
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Check Discounting

Allows you to immediately receive the cash for the check immediately using cash, check or bank transfer - without reaching the bank!
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Cash Transfers

You can reach the branch and deposit cash for any bank account in Israel or abroad.

International Funds Transfers

Need to make money transfer abroad? We work with the leading and most secure companies in the market, such as MoneyGram andRia International Corporation.

Pledged Asset Financing

Our company provides credit solutions for pledged assets of the business sector clients through a fast and straightforward process.

Cash Payments Service for Foreign Workers / Students

Professional Consulting

With you all the way. You will receive personal and professional consulting.

Cash Withdrawals

You can make a bank transfer and reach the branch in purpose to withdraw cash.

About us

Money Colors was founded in 2011 and began operations in Eilat, 
Which is known as a cruise for tourists from all over the world, to whom the company provides currency exchange services.
The company is a leader in currency conversion and financial services. 
Money Colors Is the exclusive importer of machinery for converting foreign currency in Israel. 
Today, the company has a deployment of 9 machines throughout the city of Eilat and two additional machines in Tel Aviv.
The Company operates under the license of the Ministry of Finance and under the Supervision of Financial Service Providers Law.
The company's activities are regularly monitored by law firms and external accountants,
This is in order to provide an optimal and customized solution for each customer.

The colors of money - conversion machines, check discounting, money transfer abroad and more
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